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Michael Moore 'exhilarated' by opening of his new Broadway show

By california scoop / Published on Friday, 11 Aug 2017 15:52 PM / Comments Off on Michael Moore 'exhilarated' by opening of his new Broadway show / 63 views
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He brought the house down.

Michael Moore felt triumphant at the Thursday after-party for his Broadway debut “The Terms of My Surrender” at The Bryant Park Grill. After he arrived with his own all-female marching band, the documentarian dined with friends, where he declared “It was exciting. I was exhilarated. I am profoundly moved by the response from the audience. I don’t know when I’ve gone to a Broadway show that wasn’t a musical where I saw a standing ovation in the middle of the show.”

Every night for the run of the show, Moore plans on having new surprise guests. “The two standing ovations were for the librarian that saved my book and Gloria Steinem — in the middle of the show!” he marveled. Of course, Moore isn’t the only provocateur adept at keeping an audience on its toes. He thinks the world has underestimated the prowess of our President.

“Trump is an evil genius. He’s not an idiot. We risk awful things happening to this world if we don’t take him seriously,” Moore said. “We all think of him as — that he’s easily distracted by the shiny keys. The truth is he’s the one holding the shiny keys. We’re the ones distracted.”

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Moore feels like Americans are so traumatized by what’s going on, that the theater is necessary therapy.

“They need the laughs,” he said, citing “Saturday Night Live” as an example. “That’s why Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin have performed a public service as citizens with what they’ve done and she bagged the first trophy! I mean his (Sean Spicer’s) downfall started with her satire about him.”

In anticipation for the next presidential election, Moore is already proposing a candidate — Tom Hanks.

“He’s a beloved American citizen. Who doesn’t like Tom Hanks?” he asked. “Oh, by the way, he’s smart. That helps.”

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