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Tom Brady's Gruesome Hand Injury Revealed, Stitches & Needles!

By california scoop / Published on Monday, 12 Mar 2018 11:27 AM / Comments Off on Tom Brady's Gruesome Hand Injury Revealed, Stitches & Needles! / 45 views
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Tom Brady Gaping, Bloody Injury Revealed … Stitched & Needled!!!

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Tom Brady is finally showing everyone the hand injury he suffered during the NFL playoffs — and it’s WAYYYY worse than everyone thought … a massive, deep, bloody gash. 

Remember, Brady got the cut in practice just days before the AFC Championship — but tried like hell to downplay the severity of the wound. 

Well, now he’s revealing all the gory details on his reality show, “Tom vs Time” — and it’s a miracle he was able to throw the ball at all. 

“When I hurt my thumb, I thought, ‘This is it. This is the way the season ends,'” Tom said.

“I’m looking down at my thumb as it’s split open, and I’m thinking ‘I really don’t know what happened to my thumb, but I know it doesn’t feel good and I’m having a real hard time believing I’m going to go out and play well against the #1 ranked defense in four days.'”

Of course, Brady ended up beating the Jaguars before losing to the Eagles in the Super Bowl — but he played like a BEAST considering the friggin’ hatchet wound on his thumb … which got a healthy dose of acupuncture after it was stitched up.

Gross — but pretty badass.

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