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‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant loses $7,100 with mispronunciation

By california scoop / Published on Tuesday, 10 Apr 2018 07:13 AM / Comments Off on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant loses $7,100 with mispronunciation / 44 views

An ill-fated “Wheel of Fortune” contestant learned the hard way that there’s a big difference between a flamingo and the flamenco.

The contestant, Jonny, butchered his chance at a $7,100 prize on Monday’s episode when he mispronounced the phrase “Flamenco Dance Lessons” by saying the name of the tropical bird instead.

Another contestant, Ashley, then swooped in and correctly solved the puzzle by simply reading the board, which Jonny had filled in before his unfortunate snafu.

Jonny was visibly distraught once the buzzer sounded and alerted him that he wasn’t getting the money.

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“I know you didn’t mean to say it, but you gave us a ‘G’ instead of a ‘C,'” host Pat Sajak told Jonny after Ashley won the money.

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant failed to solve this puzzle after he mispronounced the word “Flamenco” as “Flamingo.”


It wasn’t the only blunder that Jonny made on Monday’s episode. He also asked for a “C” when he only needed two more letters to solve the puzzle “Dog and Pony Show Me The Money” — a mistake that cost him another $2,500.

Ashley went on to solve that puzzle immediately after as well.

Jonny’s gaffes are certainly memorable, but at least they weren’t as costly as the time a contestant named Julian Batts missed out on a chance at $1 million by mispronouncing the final word in the phrase “Mythological Hero Achilles” during a 2014 episode.

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Earlier this year, meanwhile, another contestant wasn’t given credit after he referred to the song “Gangsta’s Paradise” using the word “Gangster’s.”

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