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SEE IT: Bill Murray talks about his 1-800 number

By california scoop / Published on Friday, 13 Apr 2018 08:27 AM / Comments Off on SEE IT: Bill Murray talks about his 1-800 number / 54 views

Who ya’ gonna’ call?

Comic legend Bill Murray famously has no manager or publicist so the only way to contact him is through a 1-800 number.

However the “Ghostbusters” star did tell Willie Geist on the upcoming “Sunday Today” show that he does have a phone that’s reserved for his six children and pals.

“If you have children you have to be able to send messages to your children,” the 67-year-old actor explained. “They will not answer a phone call but they will respond to messages.”

Murray said that one of his favorite things to say when a new person dials his private digits is: “Who gave you this number?! I just love to say that.”

He also joked that when directors pitch him projects on the 800 number the first thing he listens for is propriety.

“You want manners,” he deadpanned. “There’s got to be manners involved. You can tell right away.”


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