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Floyd Mayweather Gets VIP Caravan Through Dubai Mall

By california scoop / Published on Wednesday, 02 May 2018 01:05 AM / Comments Off on Floyd Mayweather Gets VIP Caravan Through Dubai Mall / 28 views
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Floyd Mayweather VIP Caravan Through Dubai Mall


When you’ve just dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars at the Dubai Mall … you don’t have to WALK from store to store, you get DRIVEN — just ask Floyd Mayweather

The 41-year-old boxer and his massive entourage were spotted in a two-car caravan — complete with chauffeurs — being driven through the upscale mall with TMT bodyguards and a couple of bellhops in tow. 

In fact, the bellhop carts were packed to the brim with shopping bags — and knowing Floyd, the dude dropped a fortune. 

Mayweather loves to vacation in Dubai and tends to spend a TON of money when he visits. Back in 2015, he dropped just over $1 MILLION on a diamond watch during a $1.5 million shopping spree.

So, yeah … that’s why he gets VIP treatment. 

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