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Kim Kardashian says the 'stars were all in our favor' during meeting with President Trump about Alice Johnson commutation

By california scoop / Published on Thursday, 07 Jun 2018 18:25 PM / No Comments / 11 views
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Kim Kardashian showed President Trump Alice Johnson’s heart.

The reality star spent months petitioning for the pardon of 63-year-old Johnson, who was convicted of eight criminal charges, including drug conspiracy and money laundering, in 1996 and had spent more than two decades behind bars before Trump commuted her sentence Wednesday.


Kardashian said it took six or seven months between approaching Ivanka Trump and getting a meeting with her father on the books. Finally, on Johnson’s birthday, she walked into the Oval Office.

“This was all aligned, the stars were all in our favor,” she said told CNN’s Van Jones of the May 30 meeting. “I just felt that this was the right day to do it.”

A week later, she got a call on her cell phone from the President.

“I was always really hopeful. And I had been in communication with Jared (Kushner), so I was feeling things were looking really positive. But that week, after meeting, you’re just literally on pins and needles waiting to hear what’s going on,” she told Jones.

“He said that he’s really investigated this case and spoke to her warden, spoke to just everyone and everyone had a unanimous — from the people that he reached out to — unanimous feeling of Alice, that she will live a great life. And she will…that she has done her time, has been such a model person in prison.”

Alice Johnson, shown here with her daughter Katina Marie Scales, was released from prison Wednesday.

Alice Johnson, shown here with her daughter Katina Marie Scales, was released from prison Wednesday. (Adrian Sainz/AP)

In prison, Johnson earned several degrees and became an ordained minister, all life changes that Kardashian said showed President Trump how “amazing” she is.

“Knowing that she’s never going to get out, but she is still so amazing and is working on herself the whole time she’s there, I think just…he felt her heart,” she said. “When he said he has the papers in front of him and he’s signing it, I just like, my heart was so full.”

The reality star also rebuked Jones’ claim that she “legitimized” Trump, saying that husband Kanye West had already done that.

West made waves with a string of comments in late April that included an endorsement of Trump complete with an autographed Make America Great Again hat.

“At the end of the day, he heard me out,” Kardashian said. “We got the job done.”

Johnson, who was released from federal jail in Alabama late Wednesday, called the commutation a miracle.

“And I know that God could only touch Kim Kardashian’s heart like that,” she told the Today Show Thursday. “And we have connected. She said that she felt something when she saw and heard my story. And I just can’t explain it. It’s a miracle.”

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